4 Best Magicians in Chicago, IL – Top Chicago Magicians

We will be giving you a list of the top 4 best magicians in Chicago. These magicians have mastered their art from sleight of hand tricks to levitating audience volunteers. They have some incredible tricks up their sleeves and they come in varieties of styles that are suitable for any age.

Best Magicians in Chicago


  • Dennis Watkins
  • The Great Boodini
  • Balster Magic Productions, Inc
  • Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts and Chicago Magician

Let’s dig in and see what these magicians have up their sleeves.

  • Dennis Watkins: A third-generation magician and mentalist performing his one-man show, “The Magic Parlour”, in downtown Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel for over five years.
  • The Great Boodini: A magician with an outstanding ability to entertain kids, teens, and adult audiences.
  • Balster Magic Productions, Inc.: A Westmont, Illinois-based entertainment company which offers small solo shows and large stage presentations.
  • Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts and Chicago Magician: Specializes in performing for corporate, university, and private events.

Dennis Watkins

Dennis Watkins has been performing his one-man show “The Magic Parlor” in downtown Chicago’s Palmer House Hilton Hotel for over five years. He is a third-generation magician and mentalist who offers three versions of his show which are, the classic show, the mind-reading show, and the close-up magic and mind-reading show.

Dennis Watkins

Dennis Watkins has presented over 200 annual performances and uses a bare stage without props to tools for the mind-reading show and focuses on what his audience members feel, think and say in a bid to make the show adaptable for any situation.

The close-up magic and mind-reading show gives Watkins the room to use borrowed objects from his audience to deliver a versatile and entertaining evening of magic. The House Theater of Chicago produces the show in a private suite in a bid to deliver an evening of mind-reading and classic magic for audiences as small as 25 people or as large as 2,500.


  • The Classic Show
  • The Mind Reading Show
  • Close-Up Magic

Location The Magic Parlour, Palmer House Hotel: 17 E Monroe Street, Chicago IL 60603.

The Chicago Magic Company, 805 Lake St. Suite 440, Oak Park, IL 60301 – 1301, USA

Website: themagicparlourchicago.com


The Great Boodini

The Great Boodini has an outstanding ability to entertain kids, teens and adult audiences. He comes with a fun, easy-going personality to cater for magic and juggling skills, corporate events, adult parties, kids parties, school assembly shows as well as outdoor street festivals.

With the Great Boodini, you have a magician that provides everything that is needed to produce a great show. From card trick, close-up magic, stage magic, juggling, and stand-up comedy, The Great Boodini is able to entertain small groups of 10 to large audiences of 1000 guests.


The Great Boodini offers the following services:

  • Hypnotist
  • Stilt Walker
  • Puppet Shows
  • Sword Swallower
  • Fire Dancer
  • Comedy Hypnotist
  • Magician
  • Juggler
  • Balloon Twister
  • Storyteller
  • Circus Act
  • Stage Hypnotist
  • Caricaturist
  • Ventriloquist
  • Mentalist
  • Illusionist
  • Comedy Magician
  • Mind Reader


Website: thegreatboodini.com/contact.html

Balster Magic Productions, Inc.

Balster Magic Productions, Inc., is an entertainment company based in Westmont, Illinois. The company offers small solo shows as well as large stage presentations. The company is owned by Tim Balster a magician and Illusionist who specializes in the art of close-up magic performances, stage shows, and grand illusions.

The owner of the company Tim and his assistant Robin Balster have garnered 35 years of professional experience performing coast to coast and internationally, both on TV and live. Balster Magic Productions, Inc also offers services for both private family and corporate events.


  • Strolling- Close up magic
  • Stage shows
  • Grand illusion
  • Private family events
  • Commercial & municipal presenters
  • Corporate- Business to Business events


Website: tim@balstermagic.com

Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts and Chicago Magician

Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts, and Chicago Magician have their area of specialty in performing for corporate universities, as well as for private events. The company also provides entertainment for trade shows, conferences, team-building projects, as well as for conventions.

Edd Fairman, Wizard of Sorts and Chicago Magician

Edd Fairman has almost two decades of experience customizing audience interactions based on a company’s brand and message under his belt. Those who patronized him, speak highly of his unique sense of humor, big personality as well as ability to capture and maintain an audience’s attention.


  • Speaker
  • Motivator
  • Mentalist


Website: edd@wizardofsorts.com

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