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To activate free Facebook mode is something any Facebook user can do within a few seconds. To start with, Facebook free mode enables users to access the platform for free. So that even if you are not within the reach of an internet, you can still enjoy the features of the social media platform. Again, it is quite an easy process to activate free Facebook on your mobile or computer device. You don’t need to get frustrated because you don’t have access to the internet to use Facebook. This content will guide you on a few steps on how to activate free Facebook or use Facebook free mode. It is never a confusing or difficult process.

Activate free Facebook
Activate free Facebook

Facebook Free Mode

Facebook free mode allows users across the globe to access the platform for free without using any bandwidth charges. That means Facebook for free, whether you’re within an internet coverage or not. This is one of the many features of Facebook that makes users enjoy using the social media platform. Although, it is important for you to know that when you activate Free Facebook mode, you would only be allowed access to some features. That is, whenever you activate the free Facebook mode, you won’t gain access to features like:

  • Images you upload
  • View photos others upload
  • Video clips
  • Watch live video updates

How To Activate Free Facebook

Now that you’ve fully understand what the Facebook free mode is, you would need to know how to activate free Facebook on your web browser device or mobile. Like I earlier mentioned, it’s something you can do yourself within a few seconds. However, you must first be a Facebook user before you can talk about the free mode activation. If you’re a Facebook user and you’re eager to learn how to achieve that, here is how you go about it:

  • On your Facebook profile page, check out the top right corner of your page.
  • You’ll find the “Go to Free” directive on purple color text.
  • Then click on the “Go to Free”
  • You will then be automatically be redirected to using the Free Mode

Note that Facebook allows its users to operate in either Free Mode or Data Mode.

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Facebook Data Mode Free Mode

Facebook understands that there are different users searching for easy ways to benefit from the social media. That is why it has made available the Facebook Free Mode or Facebook Data Mode. The difference within the two is that with the Data mode you have access to all Facebook features. But you don’t have access to some features like, photos, videos or updates on the Free Facebook.

It would interest ypu to know that the free mode is very beneficial to those who chat a lot. Also, those who post write ups or read other users write up would enjoy using Facebook free with a bandwidth charges.

With the Facebook Data mode,

You have access to all the complete features Facebook has to offer.     

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