Belk Rewards Credit Card Benefits | Apply For Belk Rewards Credit Card

Belk rewards credit card is issued by the synchrony bank, synchrony bank privacy governs the use of the Belk rewards credit card. Synchrony a premier consumer financial services company and Belk, a private department store company announced the Belk rewards credit card to make shopping at Belk stores simpler and safer while enabling customers to earn rewards faster.

Belk offers three kinds of credit cards. The Belk rewards credit card for qualified applicants to earn special rewards when shopping in store. But is it a better deal than some other credit cards?

belk rewards credit card

Belk Rewards Credit Card Review

Belk, Inc., is more than just shopping, it is here you can find your own unique way to express who you are. The company knows exactly how to ride the waves of fashion, and even though there are only about 300 locations in 16states, their name is well known throughout the nation.

The great news is even if you don’t have a Belk store nearby, you could still shop through their online store. And there’s no shopping at Belk like shopping with their store credit card.

Belk Rewards Credit Card Benefits

When you apply for a Belk rewards credit card, this is what you get;

  • 3x points per dollar spent at Belk stores.
  • 20% off all purchases the day of approval.
  • $10 in Belk rewards dollars when you make a purchase on the day of the approval.
  • Exclusive savings days throughout the year.
  • Extra points days throughout the year.
  • Returns don’t need a receipt.
  • No annual fee.

At your local Belk store, you can pick up everything from home wares and beauty products to clothes and accessories. And if you’re a big of Belk low cost wares, you can also secure the Belk cash back and other bonuses for showing your loyalty to the brand.

How To Apply For Belk Rewards Credit Card

This card is intended for consumers or personal use with poor or limited credit histories, the issuer may expect recent or past flaws in your credit report. Here’s how to apply for the credit card;

  • Visit
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the application for a Belk Rewards credit card button.
  • Enter your personal info.
  • Enter your SSN, D.O.B, and annual net income.
  • Click continue.

Follow the instructions to complete the application. After you’re approved, go to to redeem your Belk rewards, manage your credit account and make purchases.

If you don’t want to complete a Belk credit card application online, you can apply in person at a Belk department store. You’ll need to provide a photo identification.

If you have any issues regarding your Belk credit card, you can call Belk customer service at 1-800-669-6550.

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