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BestBuy Flash Sale are sales offered by Best Buy. These sales can last one full day or less (such as a 4-hour, 8-hour or 24-hour sale), even though some Flash Sales may run multiple days.

During the Flash Sale, products are available during the time period of the sale or until they’re sold out. Note, Rainchecks are not available on Flash Sale products.

Best Buy Flash Sale 2019 -  Deals

Best But Flash Sale Duration

The sale runs periodically throughout the year. The date and times for this sale vary.

Available Deals

The deals offered during Flash Sale by Best Buy varies.

Is There A Price Match During Flash Sale?

Yes there is. That is if you have previously purchased a Flash Sale item and are within your Return & Exchange time period, Best Buy will match the Flash Sale price during the time the offer is available (up until the item is sold out, or if it does not sell out, until the end time of the sale.)

Can A Flash Sale Item Be Returned or Exchanged?

Yes, a Flash Sale purchase is quite the same as any other or Best Buy store purchase. For further information, see Best Buy’s Return & Exchange Promise and procedures.

Products Offered During Flash Sale

Best Buy offers consumer electronic products from across any of the categories that Best Buy sells. These products may be offered in any particular Flash Sale.

How To Find Deals

You can find deals at your local Best Buy store. These offers within this Flash Sale are available online and in stores. Best Buy runs these sales periodically throughout the year. This dates and times vary.

Shipping Cost

Shipping cost for these sales may vary. Select Flash Sale products may be limited to Standard Shipping at time of purchase.


Limits per customer may apply to make sure that as many customers as possible are able to enjoy the savings.

How To See Flash Sale

To see the sale, go to Best Buy, log into your account, and browse the discounts before they expire.

Best Buy Flash Sale is aimed at compensating Best Buy loyal customers with exciting discounts on items for the best deals, as well as help them save the more.

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