Can I Block My Credit Card: How to Check If My Credit Card Is Blocked & How to Unblock My Credit Card

Can I Block My Credit Card – If you want to find out if your credit card is blocked or if you want to block your credit card then read on and find out how it’s down First of all let’s know what a credit card is. A Credit card is a plastic or a metal tool given out by financial organizations/ banks to make purchases on the basis to pay the Issuer back. To show you how important this thin rectangular card is, if your card goes missing you’ll need to act really fast to stay off fraudulent activity.

If you notice your Card goes missing or it’s been stolen, you don’t have to go through any long process. Just block your card yourself which from this article, you’ll know how to.

Can I Block My Credit Card

Can I Block My Credit Card?

Blocking your credit card by yourself is possible and super easy too. When stolen, if it goes missing etc you could just block it yourself and eventually if peradventure you find your credit card later on, you could actually unblock your card by yourself too.  Follow the steps below to figure out how it’s done.

How to Block Credit Card Transaction

You could enter the customer service agent phone number or by visiting their online portal.

To deactivate/ block your credit card temporarily, follow the steps below.

  • Contact Issues:  get access to the issuer. Dial their customer care number. Your account number and SSN will be requested for once your call goes through which will help the blocking process.
  • Visit Their Online Platform: Go online and visit their official website, log into your account, head to the account management requesting for a turned off card. On the account management section, search for “Lock Your Card or something like that then follow the onscreen directives.

That’s how to get your credit (both online and by phone) blocked.

How to Check If My Credit Card Is Blocked

After the procedure on how to block your credit card, here’s how to know if that mission (the blocking of your CC) has successfully been completed. The best way to check if your Card has been blocked is to simply call the Issuer and ask.

What Happens If I Block My Credit Card

Once your card is blocked, you wouldn’t be able to purchase nor withdraw at the ATM. So if your card is lost and you’ve blocked it, no internet fraudster can access it.

Credit Card Blocked How to Unblock It

Now if eventually what you thought was missing was actually playing a hide and seek game with no heads up (meaning if eventually your card wasn’t stolen, it was just missing) here’s how to unblock it. All you do is Follow the steps you used while blocking the Credit Card. Call the customer service agents to help you unblock your credit card.

So far so good, that’s all on the Blocking and Unblocking of Credit Cards. Enjoy using your Credit Card.

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