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Amazon Book Account – Not only electronics, clothes, automotive, baby products or clothing accessories are available on Amazon but also books are available on

To get access to Amazon books you’ll firstly need an Amazon book Account. Amazon books help you select better books in the sense that Amazon recommends books based on other books you read earlier.

Amazon Book Account

If you buy a book from Amazon and the quality is not as good as what you expected, you can request to return the book back to Amazon. Through your Amazon book Account, you can read the opinions of other readers who have already read a particular book.

With your Amazon book account, you don’t need to go from store to store searching for a book when you can get it on Amazon.

How To Buy Books On Amazon

If you’re into books and interested in getting a book to read, Amazon is one of the best place to get books from. To buy books on Amazon follow the steps below;

  1. Open your browser with an active data connection.
  2. Log in to your Amazon account.
  3. Click book then click on the store.
  4. Search for the book you want to buy.
  5. Click on buy.

With your Amazon book account, you can read the beginning of a book for free before purchasing by clicking on try a sample, after reading the sample click on buy for to purchase it. After purchase, the book will continue from the last page you stopped.

Amazon Book Prime

Amazon also has prime reading which allows subscribers to read more than a thousand books for $99 a year. Subscribers can also have access to comic books and magazines, subscribers to Amazon book Prime also have access to two day free shipping and access to stream videos too.

Amazon book prime comes with Amazon prime so you get to receive a 30 days free trial on amao6 book prime. With Amazon book prime you can borrow a book for free for a whole month.

To cancel your Amazon book Prime membership you’ll have to end your entire prime membership since Amazon book prime is a feature of Amazon prime. To end your prime membership open your Amazon account navigate and click on manage prime membership and click on end membership. If you’re still on trial, click do not continue.

Don’t even bother stressing your self to get any book from book shop when you can just other fro any kind of book just from you couch. Have time studying..

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