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These sellers on eBay can create an eBay store to make their buyers no more about them and their products and get closer to them, eBay store is basically a platform that gives eBay sellers an opportunity to let their buyers learn more about them and their products and items. When you open an eBay store you have higher chances of making sales than a regular eBay seller.

Opening an eBay store is not for free, it has various ranges of subscriptions and their prices. When you have an eBay store and a product is searched for by any buyer. If that product is available in your eBay store it will appear first on the list of search results before the product of a regular seller.

eBay Store Set Up

With an eBay, you get more zero insertion fee listing, vacation hold and a discount on final value fees for auctions, these three benefits depends and varies on your subscription to eBay store.

eBay Store Open

To open an eBay store you firstly need to open an eBay seller account and reach some certain requirement. Opening an eBay seller account is completely free though you will have to pay some certain fees when you start selling but to open eBay store is not free and it is not compulsory for all eBay sellers. The price of opening eBay store varies in a subscription. Use the steps below to open an eBay shop.

  1. Choose a subscription for your store, you can upgrade from one subscription to another, the ranking of eBay online store subscription is
    1. Basic
    1. Premium
    1. Anchor
  2. Choose a name for your store, when choosing, choose carefully because this will be your store URL.
  3. Agree to eBay terms and conditions.
  4. Design and set up your eBay store, create categories for your products and you are good to start selling on your eBay store.

eBay requires you to have an active PayPal account because it is the most preferred method of payment by buyers, you are also required to have bank account and credit card information along with side tax ID number, SSN for example.

eBay Account Sign in

eBay store sign in can only be done by registered users, only registered eBay users can buy and sell on eBay. After creating an eBay account or eBay sign up, use the steps below for eBay account sign in

  1. Activate your data connection
  2. Launch your web browser and go to the eBay sign in page (https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&ru=)
  3. Enter your login credentials in the appropriate field ( username/email address and password)
  4. Click on sign In

Ensure you always logout of your account if you use a public device or any device that’s not yours to sign in to eBay, you can logout by tapping your name at the top of the screen and clicking on sign out.

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