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Facebook Marketplace Review – Facebook marketplace is an open ground to every Facebook users except those younger than 18. The marketplace, as the name implies, is used for buying and selling of several categories of items, especially items like clothing, furniture, garden and farm equipment, mobiles phones and many more.

But items like hard drinks or hard drugs, animals, healthcare and first aid equipment are not allowed to be sold on the Facebook marketplace.

Sometimes when you sell on Facebook, your sold items will be under review. Facebook marketplace review doesn’t mean anything bad or wrong and you have nothing to worry about.

Facebook Marketplace Review

When your sold item is under review, there is nothing you can do on your part as a seller, you just have to wait a few hours. Though in some cases it might take up to 3 days. Like I said earlier, Facebook marketplace review doesn’t mean anything bad so there is no cause to be worried.

Facebook marketplace review is when the payment of your buyer is being reviewed by Facebook and this doesn’t usually take too long to be processed.

After review and verification and your buyers payment is approved then the order can go through but if the payment doesn’t get approved, that item will automatically be listed back on the marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Review | How To Access Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace review does not log you out from Facebook or kick you from the marketplace, but sometimes you will find out that your access to the marketplace has been removed or you are unable to access it. Well, there are several other ways which the Facebook marketplace can be accessed, below are ways on how to access the Facebook marketplace

  • You can try accessing the marketplace by going to m.facebook.com/marketplace  from your web browser
  • On your Facebook page tap the shop icon or alternatively tap on the options icon (there horizontal lines) then on the marketplace icon

If you are unable to access the marketplace it means you’re either under 18 years old, you recently changed your location or your Facebook app is outdated.

But if your Facebook marketplace access was removed that means you must have violated the policies of Facebook and you must request a review if you feel you didn’t violate any of the policies.

Facebook Marketplace Review | Facebook Marketplace Rules

Facebook marketplace place rules are not complex a bit they are just a list of items that shouldn’t be put up for sale on the marketplace and things that shouldn’t be done on Facebook marketplace.

  • Animals should not be sold on the marketplace
  • Alcohol, hard drugs and adult contents shouldn’t be sold
  • Ammo, explosives, and weapons should not be sold too
  • Healthcare and first aid related items should not be sold
  • Gift cards and event cards are not allowed on the Facebook marketplace
  • Only physical items that match the description and images of your listing can be sold.

 If any of this is violated, your access to the marketplace will be removed. If you did not violate any of these and your access to the marketplace was still removed then you should request a Facebook marketplace review.

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