Facebook Marketplace San Diego | Sell Locally On Facebook Marketplace Tab | Facebook Marketplace Rules

Facebook marketplace San Diego allows Facebook users in San Diego buy and sell different categories of items. Not only Facebook users in San Diego but also those in an approximate location too.

The Facebook marketplace makes buying and selling easy and fast with its user-friendly interface. Items like electrical gadgets, mobile phones, cars and trucks, furniture, clothes and several other categories of items can be found on Facebook marketplace. These items can either be Brand New or fairly used. Facebook marketplace is not accessible to Facebook users younger than 18 years old.

Facebook users that use either the Facebook app or the Facebook web version on any device at all (iOS, windows or Android) can access Facebook marketplace San Diego, to buy and sell any product.

Facebook Marketplace San Diego

To use Facebook marketplace you don’t necessarily need to create a new Facebook account but if you want to have a separate account specially for Facebook marketplace, you can and it is free of charge. Provided you have another email address or mobile number. Because one email address or mobile number cannot be used to create more than one Facebook account.

How To Sell Locally On Facebook Marketplace San Diego

Anyone can become a seller on Facebook. It depends on your interest to either become a local seller or become international. You can sell locally on Facebook marketplace San Diego to people around your location, to do so follow the steps below.

  1. Launch your Facebook app or open your Facebook web and login to your Facebook account
  2. Open the marketplace place by tapping on the marketplace icon
  3. Tap on sell
  4. Provide a picture, name and description and other required details
  5. Enter a location and post your product or item

You should enable your device GPS when entering your location. This is to help in accuracy when entering the location, your full address won’t be shared.

San Diego Facebook Marketplace Rules

Everybody or organization or platform has rules guiding it so as to maintain order and avoid discord. The Facebook marketplace also has its rules and regulations, below are the basic rules of the Facebook marketplace

  • Descriptions and images of items you post for sale must match the item.
  • Adult contents, hard drugs or drinks, animals, health care equipment and materials are not allowed for sale on Facebook marketplace.
  • Images of the current state of the item you are listing is enough. No before and after images.

There are penalties for Facebook users who violates these Facebook marketplace rules. These rules do not just apply to Facebook marketplace San Diego but Facebook marketplace in general.

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