Facebook Marketplace St Louis | Buy and Sell Swap in St. Louis Facebook Marketplace Locally

Facebook Marketplace St Louis is a platform under Facebook that is mainly for the advertisement and sales of goods and services. Facebook marketplace makes buying and selling convenient and fast. On Facebook marketplace you can buy goods or sell from or to people in your immediate environment or location.

For instance, Facebook marketplace St Louis will be used for the advertisement and sales of goods or service within St Louis, and buyers within that location can easily purchase that good without paying for shipment.

Facebook marketplace St Louis can be used by both new Facebook users and old Facebook users on any device. Either in a web browser or Facebook app.

Facebook Marketplace St Louis

New and fairly used products are available on Facebook marketplace, products and items like electronics, clothing, furniture, automotive and many more are available on the marketplace. Facebook users younger than the age of 18 cannot access the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace St Louis | How To Use Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace allows you to advertise and sell your products under Facebook, Facebook marketplace is available widely across the world. Facebook marketplace St Louis is specifically for buyer and seller in and around St Louis. FB marketplace is easy to use with a user-friendly interface, but you can use the steps below to know how to use Facebook marketplace

  1. Login to your Facebook account and tap on the shop icon
  2. If you’re selling, tap on selling and add a photo of the item you want to sell
  3. Add a title for your item
  4. Add a description, the description must contain details of the current state and condition of the item
  5. Add a price tag to your item
  6. Select a category for your item and choose your location.

Photos and description must be well detailed and state the present conditions of the item. If there’s any problem or malfunction with the item it must be stated too.

How To Report A Seller on Facebook Marketplace

In cases where items delivered to you are in bad conditions or an item you paid for didn’t get delivered to you. You can report the seller of that item if you don’t know how to report a seller, use the following steps to do know-how.

  1. Log in to your Facebook account and open the marketplace page
  2. Click on the listing you wish to report on
  3. Look for the item you want to report and tap on the report item next to it

A set of onscreen instructions will be displayed, follow them carefully to complete your report then submit.

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