By | August 9, 2019

Facebook Store Visit – Facebook offers a lot more than just chatting with friends, reconnecting with old friends, making new friends, finding dates and group chats.

Facebook also helps grow your business and helps you find your potential customers, either your business is online or offline with a physical address in a local store.

One of the ways in which Facebook helps you promote and grow your business is with the help of FB store visit.

Facebook Store Visit Ad Formats And Set up

Facebook store visit, also know as the visit store ad helps you bring costumers to your physical store. FB store visit is specially made for business owners with multiple store locations. In order to use this Facebook store visit you must first set up your Facebook location.

Facebook location is a feature that helps you manage sites with multiple local pages from just one single spot.

Facebook Store Visit Set Up

Facebook store visit is an ad that helps you bring viewers to your physical store, with the aid of your device location and GPS, FB store visit set up can be done with the following steps

  1. Firstly, you will need to go to the marketing objective screen and select store visit under the conversion section.
  2. Select your location, the age range and gender of the audience you want, you can also choose the number of people or radius area around each store as a target amount.
  3. Select normal as your targeting and placement.
  4. Choose your creative type of ad
  5. Create your own ad. You can either choose whether you want your ad to be displayed from your main brand page or from your location page.

After FB store visit set up and your data starts to come through, you’ll see a funnel displaying your store visits.

Facebook Store Visit Ad Formats

Just like every other Ads, FB store visit has its own ad formats, these ad formats are merely formats in which your ads will be displayed. The Facebook store visit ad formats are

  • Image ad – displays your ads in image format, it can be in jpg, jpeg, and other image formats.
  • Video ad – the video ad shows your ad in video formats.
  • Carousel ad – carousel is a combination of  the image format and the video format.

The carousel ad format is the best out of the above-listed ad formats because it shows your store location, your contact information and also your store hours.