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Facebook Storefront Free – If you are a Facebook user and own an online store, Facebook storefront free is just the perfect thing for you, for you to step up and increase your customer base at an increasingly fast rate.

Facebook storefront helps you sell your products to a wider customer base, if you are not new to Facebook, you might have heard the same thing about Facebook shop, Facebook store, and Facebook shop is basically the same thing, just with a little difference in the name.

Facebook storefront free is like an ecommerce site, but here you will own your own store. You might be wondering why you should use Facebook as your online store to sell to customers.

Facebook Storefront Free Setup

Facebook has over a billion users and each user is a potential customer, so Facebook is basically one if the best place to own an online store and advertise and sell your products and items.

The Facebook store is very easy to set up, you can create your online store on Facebook itself and list your products or you can create your online store with an ecommerce website builder and link it to Facebook online store.

How To Set Up A Facebook Storefront Free

You can’t use the Facebook storefront free to sell your products without setting up a Facebook store, the following are steps on how to set up a Facebook store

  1. Click on the add shop link, after clicking it you’ll see a prompt briefly explaining what the shop section is all about. Click on add shop section to continue
  2. Read the terms and policies of use and accept it continue
  3. Add your business detail and a payment processing detail
  4. Describe the goods or products or items you are selling
  5. Add products to your shop by clicking on add products

After you’ve added a product to your shop, you’ll be able to configure your products by adding a real image of your product, adding a name, a price, and description.

How To Add Products To Your Facebook Store

In cases whereby you have sold all your available item for a particular product on your Facebook storefront free and removed that product from your list of the product when you restock you can add that product back to your Facebook store. You can add products to your Facebook store with the following steps

  1. Open your Facebook store page and click on add products
  2. Click on the name of the product
  3. Select manage from the product availability section under the details page of that product.
  4. Click on save.

The images of your products should always be in square, if they are in landscape or portrait orientation they will be cropped to a square by Facebook.

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