By | August 9, 2019

Facebook web store is an online e-commerce website that allows you to sell and buy varieties of products online. With FB web store, you can create your own online store where customers can buy stuffs from you online and make payments online. Facebook web store is just another platform to boost online trade and marketing.

On Facebook web store you can either become or a buyer or a seller, when you are buying on the FB web store, you buy from your fellow Facebook user and not

Facebook Web Store does not list any item for sale, it is just a platform that allows buying and selling to take place. After buying an item on Facebook, payment can be made with Facebook pay.

How To Sell On Facebook Buy And Sell Groups

Not everyone has the time and cost to manage a Facebook web store or even the resources. For those that can’t handle the FB web store, you can also sell or buy from the Facebook buy and sell groups. These are steps on how to sell on Facebook buy and sell group

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Open Facebook and login to your account
  3. Tap on the options icon
  4. Select the group you’d like to sell
  5. Tap on sell
  6. Enter the information about the item you want to sell, including photos and description.
  7. Post your item.

Buying and selling can only be done on groups which has the feature turned on, only group admins are eligible to turn the buying and selling feature of a group on.

How To Edit My Page Category

On your Facebook web store page you can edit your page category, when editing your page category always try as much as possible to be specific. The following are steps on how to edit your page category.

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Access your Facebook account by logging in through Facebook web or Facebook app
  3. Open your page
  4. Click on options
  5. Click edit page
  6. Click on page info
  7. Click add category
  8. Select your category, then save.

Your page category will always appear under your page name, this is to help customers know what category of products you sell and offer.