By | August 9, 2019

When people hear about the free Facebook stores, they begin to ask what it is and whether they should go into it. Well free Facebook stores is an online e-commerce platform that helps you grow and promote your online store to a lager customer base and sell your products to a larger customer base.

One of the reasons you should try the free Facebook stores is because Facebook is a very populated social media platform with over a million and more active users, now each user on Facebook is a potential customer, which will be willing and is ready to buy your product.

Free Facebook Stores Setup

Facebook is popularly known for the fun features it offers but it can also be used for business purposes too. When using Facebook free stores, you can create and own your own online store on Facebook or if you have previously created an online store with any e-commerce website builder you can just easily link it to Facebook online stores.

How To Add Products To Your Free Facebook Store

Adding products to your free Facebook store is very important if you want to make sales because without any products in your store there will be nothing for your customers to buy. With the following steps, you can know how to add products to your Facebook store

  1. Connect your device to the internet
  2. Launch Facebook
  3. Open the Facebook store
  4. Tap or click add products
  5. Tap on the name of the product
  6. Open the product detail page and click on manage, it can be seen under the product availability segment.
  7. Click on save and you are done.

Product photo you add should always be the real image of that product and the photo must always be cropped square, in cases where you don’t crop them square, it is cropped by Facebook before uploading.

Free Facebook Store Rules

There are certain rules that keep the free Facebook store friendly and safe, these Facebook store rules were made by Facebook to keep it so, the list below is list if Facebook store rules

  • Descriptions and photos of products must match with the product
  • If a product needs repair or extra maintenance it must be stated in the product description
  • Animals should not be on the stores
  • No sales of weapons or ammunition
  • No sales of adult contents
  • And No sales of health care materials
  • No sales of hard drinks or hard drugs

Any Facebook store owner that breaks any of these rules risks losing his access to Facebook online stores.