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Free Shipping eBay | Daily Deals on eBay | Best deals and Free Shipping

Free shipping eBay offers savings on combined shipping discounts, free shipping supplies, etc.

Save on Free Shipping eBay

  • You can set up combined shipping discounts to enable your buyers to activate a shipping discount when they buy more than one item.
  • You can charge the highest shipping cost for the first item and add a lower cost for each additional item.
  • Subtract shipping costs for each additional item bought.
  • Combine items into one shipment.
Free Shipping eBay  | Daily Deals on eBay | Best deals and Free Shipping

How to Set Up eBay Shipping Options

Before you set your shipping options for an item, it advised you look at the options other sellers are offering.

There are many avenues to send items to your buyers;

You can choose which shipping methods you want to give your buyers when creating your listing. Based on whether you are using the eBay quick tool, or it’s advanced listing form here are some ways you can do it.

Set up your Delivery Options Using the Quick Listing Tool

  • On the listing page, navigate down to the shipping section.
  • Select if you want to

Ship your item; You choose a fixed cost, or it will be calculated using the cost for you depending on package weight and dimensions. You can pay the shipping cost yourself.

  • Offer local pickup: Buyers can pick up the item from your home or another site of your choice.
  • Offer both options.

In case you opt to ship your item:

In ship your item field, key in a fixed cost or the package weight and dimensions so eBay can calculate the cost.

In case your not satisfied with the recommended shipping service, choose “Change Shipping Service” to choose another option.

Choose the calculated rate, or choose the option to charge a fixed amount, thereafter, key in the amount. You have the option also to choose to offer free shipping and pay it yourself.

Set up Using Advanced Listing Tool

On the listing page, navigate down to the shipping details section.

Beneath Domestic shipping, you opt for;

  • Calculated: Cost differs by location (you have the option of using the shipping calculator to get an estimate for each postal service’s charge).
  • Flat: Same cost to all buyers (create your own rate tables outlining your shipping charges for each area).
  • Freight: Large and bulky items
  • No Shipping: Local pickup only.

From the drop-down menu beneath Services, choose your preferred service(s).

In case you are offering a flat rate, key in the shipping cost or choose local pickup.

There’s options also for you to apply any combined shipping rules or promotional shipping rules by choosing the boxes close to these options.

Set your handling cost (calculated shipping only) as well as handling time.

Add your package type, weight, and dimensions.

Free Shipping eBay “Fast N Free”

Fast N Free Shipping is designed by eBay to put listings if (1) the seller offers free shipping and then (2) eBay estimates that the item will be delivered in 4 days or fewer Sellers who offer free shipping are still responsible for purchasing the postage.

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