Grocery Store Near me – Find Grocery store Near You

Grocery store near me?  Find the best retail shop for the fresh and packaged food items in your location using the store locator. So n this article you will learn more on the grocery store.

Grocery Store Near me - Find Grocery store Near You

About Grocery store

Grocery store is a retail shop known for selling food products. In a grocery store, you can go both fresh and canned food. Thus some stores have expanded to the extent, that it’s now referred to as a supermarket because they also sell non-food items like household and clothing materials. 

However, small grocery stores that focus on vegetables and fruits are known as greengrocers for Britain while produce markets for the US. So for stores that center on selling prepared food, like snacks are called convenience shops.

There are grocery stores that specializes in food product of a particular culture such as Chinese, Indians am more. Stores like these are regarded as ethnic market place.

The ethnic market grocery store place restrictions, because it’s only people from that nationality or culture they are selling their food items will Patronize them.

Types of Grocery store- Grocery Store Near Me

Grocery stores classifieds in different categories, which are

  • Convenience store
  • Greengrocer.
  • Delicatessen
  • Health food store
  • Milk bar

Convenience store

Convenience shop is retail shop that sells snacks, candy, soft drinks, toiletries and newspapers. The store product are usually costlier than supermarket or mere grocery store, because it serves more locations which makes their services faster.


Greengrocer, just like the name sounds, it’s simply a retail shop that sells more of vegetables and fruits. These items are usually greenish. The name Greengrocer is mostly used in Britain.


The word Delicatessen means fine foods. The store is where you can find specially prepared food.

Health food store

The health food shop centers on selling organic foods health food and nutritional supplements. People who are challenge in health, that are given list of health food to be taken, can easily get them by visiting the health food store

Milk bar

Milkbaris known as a suburban local Café or corner shop. The first milk bar business started in the year 1940 in India. The store does not sell grocery but became a place for people to come together socialize as they buy ready prepared food and drinks.

How To Find a Grocery store near me?

There are several online locator you can use to find the grocery store near you, but I will be focusing on finding grocery store via

  • Move to
  • Move to the top of the screen and Key in your location
  • Then click on search tab and wait
  • It will show you grocery stores close to you

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