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How To Activate A Visa Credit Card – Via Banks Mobile App

How To Activate A Visa Credit Card – Every credit card issuers has it’s own unique way of activating its credit card and it’s as simple as logging into your online account. Your Visa credit card may be lost or stolen and you wish to apply for a new credit card.

When you apply for a new Visa credit card, it takes  the issuer about 7-10 working days to ship the credit card to your address. Sometimes you might receive the credit card early enough but bear in mind that you’ll need to activate the card once it gets to your custody.

How To Activate A Visa Credit Card - Via Banks Mobile App

Failure to activate a credit card can lead to a cybercriminal act.

Activating A  Visa Credit Card

A Visa credit is a useful tool for making purchase. Some credit cards are activated automatically after purchase, while others need you to take the necessary steps to activate them.

Many credit card issuers has made it very possible for card users to easily activate their credit cards either by phone, online, or by contacting the credit card customer service.

Activate A Visa Credit Card Via Online

To activate a Visa credit card online, you must make sure you have an online account with your credit card issuers then follow the steps below to activate a visa credit card;

  • Log into your visa online account.
  • Scroll through your accounts to view your new credit card.
  • Enter the credit card information where necessary.
  • Verify your credit card account ID.

Activate A Visa Credit Card Via Phone

Here’s how to activate a visa credit card by phone, read further and learn more;

  • View the number at the back of the card or on the sticker placed on the card when you received it.
  • Call the number.
  • Request to activate your visa credit card.
  • Provide your credit card information.
  • Provide your personal information.

The number is like a toll free call number, usually 800.

You can also activate your visa credit card via the banks mobile app.

Activate A Visa Credit Card Via Banks Mobile App

  • Download the bank mobile app from your Android Google play store.
  • Log into your online account.
  • Look for your card under the account section.
  • Enter your card information.
  • Verify your account ID.

Your Visa credit card will be processed and activated within a few minutes after you have activated your visa credit card, you can start using it.

Once your visa credit card has been processed and activated, you can check for your card activation status in your online account or in the banks mobile app.

Note; some credit card issuers only allow activation of credit cards via phone calls and you are only allowed to call them at certain times like—during working hours.

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