How To Apply For JCPenney Credit Card Online and In-Store Application

The award-winning online bank (Synchrony Bank) has really made the application process for the JcPenny credit card quite easy. To apply for this card all you need to do is you’ll visit the Synchrony Bank website/ store using the guide below which will help your application process and make things easier for you.

The JCPenny has got pretty cool offers like for people that spend a lot of time and money on JCPenny store, it’s got them covered on that and it also offers rewards 2X faster.

How To Apply For JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenny Credit Card Apply

It’s always better to read the terms and conditions of any card to figure out if that’s really what you want or not. Just as you ought to read through the JCPenny card’s terms and conditions before applying for the credit card.

There will be an analysis of both the online application Steps and how to apply in-store. The steps to follow, the information required and the requirements aren’t difficult nor hard. You’ll be needing an internet-enabled device, a strong data connection, and the information/documents requested. Read on and find out how it’s all done.

Approval Criteria

  Some criteria’s needed to be aware of before your application process begins.

  •  You’ve got to know how well your credit score is and also the feedback on your credit report.
  • Make sure your credit card report doesn’t have old information or errors that could hinder you from getting approvals when it’s time to get your JCPenny credit card. If there are any, make sure they’re corrected.
  • Pay up your pending debts ( charge offs or even collections) which will boost your credit score as time goes by.

Online Application Steps

 Here is how the Application process works. Follow the steps below careful and get it done easily.

  1. Go to the Synchrony Financial application portal.
  2. You’ll be asked to fill out some details like Initial purchase amount ( if your have and remember it), First name, M.I., Last name, Suffix, Street address, Apt #, Zipcode, City & State, Housing, Primary phone, Type, Alternate phone, Type, Alternate phone, Type, Email address, Confirm email address, SSN/ITIN, Date of birth and Annual net income.
  3. You’ll need to add a joint applicant so click the box.
  4. Click Continue.

The next page that’ll pop in will give you directions on how to complete the application form.

In-Store Application

Application for JCPenney Credit Card in-store will require your presence in an actual JCPenney store with an association and the same information requested for online will be required. Use the JCPenney’s store locator to get to the closest store .

JCPenney Credit Card Customer Care Number

You could call the customer service number to get access to the unit. The number could be gotten on the card’s secure website for more inquiries on JCPenney Credit Card. Visit the credit card website to get the number to contact the customer care team with.

Once you’re done with all does your application process should’ve been successful. Hope this was helpful and enjoy your new JCPenney Credit Card.

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