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How To Choose a Dental Insurance Plan -Most times deductibles, co-pays, and premiums makes knowing the right dental insurance plan to choose a bit difficult. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves to simplify the process for you because it is necessary you have one.

Even though having a dental plan can be really expensive, it is still important to note that having a coverage, is better than not having any at all. Dental insurance offers you the coverage you need to help you pay for certain dental work.

Thus said, you have to ensure that you compare group and individual policies and ensure you understand how the network runs, what costs the policy covers as well as how much you will have to pay for one.

How Dental Insurance Plans Work

Health insurance is aimed at protecting you from big healthcare bills, which can arise from even a simple emergency room visit. Note that, most dental care is primarily preventive, but be it as it may, it helps you focus on helping you cover the lower-cost preventive and basic treatments that are most commonly needed.

Dental plans typically has a deductible – Which is an amount you have to pay out of pocket each year before the plan begins to cover their portion of costs. It is mostly around $50 for an individual, and $150 for a family.

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Also, most plans cap the total amount they will pay for care at $1,000-$2,000 per plan member per year and note that any dental expenses over your plan’s cap (or maximum) is your responsibility.

The 100/70/50 Formula

The 100/70 /50 formula typically covers preventive care, checkups and cleanings at 100%,which means you don’t even have to pay a deductible. Basic procedures like fillings and extractions at 70%: and major procedures like crowns, bridges, and root canals at 50%. Howbeit, there are variations on this formula, and some procedures may be considered “basic” in one plan and “major” in another.

How To Choose a Dental Insurance Plan

Here are some steps to guide you in making a dental insurance plan decision:

Do You Have a Network?

If you have a dentist you prefer, it will be best to find out the insurance plans they accept. Now since indemnity insurance plans allows you to use the dentist of your choice, but a PPO and (HMO) plans restricts you to dentists in your networks, if you are not using a new dentists, a PPO or HMO might be just what you need.

To be better grounded, you can inquire from health professionals, neighbors, and friends, if they can recommend a local dentist they trust. Thereafter, check what insurance and discount plans those practitioners accept.

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Make Enquiries to Know If You Can Get Group Coverage

Most people with dental insurance have benefits via their employer or other group coverage programs like AARP, Affordable Care Act marketplace health insurance policies, or public programs like Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), and TriCare for the military.

Group plans are generally less expensive than purchasing individual insurance and may also have better options. But still, you have to check out the details of the plan to decide if the premiums are really worth the money for someone in your position.

Checkout Individual Policies

You can also check out individual policies, even though they are more expensive than group policies when buying a single policy or one for your entire family. Howbeit this coverage has limited benefits and insured parties normally have to wait before major procedures are approved.

Thus you should understand that if you intend to sign up for a plan just in time because you want implants or new set of dentures, insurers will still Institute a waiting period of perhaps a year before you can access certain benefits.

Howbeit they can still come in handy for your dental needs. But before you head on, compare insurers, get price quotes and policy details from insurance company websites or get more insight from an experienced insurance agent.

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What Does the Policy Cover?

You must know what the policy offers, before you sign on those dotted lines. This will help you budget for your dental expenses-both expected and possible emergency costs. If it happens that you and your child need a major dental work, have it at the back of your mind that you will likely have to pay a hefty share of the cost.

Thus whether you are using an individual or a group plan, remember that benefits are limited and can vary significantly. Group plans may also have waiting periods attached to it, and almost all plans pay only a fraction of costs for major work, thus it’s best you check the details.


Any how you look at it, having a dental insurance coverage, can help considerably reduce your financial burden if you get hit with a major treatment like a bridge or root canal. A dental plan  also makes basic and preventive treatments like cleanings and fillings much more affordable for you, and this can encourage people to treat problems earlier on and it can help you save tons of money afterward.

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