How To Dispose A Credit Card – Steps

How To Dispose A Credit Card – Disposing of items has become part of a person’s daily life activities. When you think of disposing of an item, you’re either throwing that item into the trash can or recycling bin or you’re actually giving them to people who are still in need of the items.

You need to understand the above statement, it’s not suitable to just dispose of things, there are people who still need those stuff.

How To Dispose A Credit Card - Steps

Now fast forward to the keyword of the day – “dispose a credit card”. And I was wondering, are credit cards disposable???? If No, then how do we dispose of off credit cards that are no longer valuable to us.

Having an old credit card or an expired credit card you no longer use can put you at risk of identity theft. It’s best to keep them in a safe place around your home rather than throwing them into a trash can.

Some cybercriminals go through trash cans looking for unused credit cards or credit cards account statements, and when they get hold of any, they damage the credit history of the credit card owner.

Before you can think of disposing of your credit card, you need to first of all think of closing your credit card account and carry out the process of closing the credit card account.

How To Dispose A Credit Card

Once you have decided to close your credit card account, you can now dispose off your credit cards.

Disposing of credit cards is not as simple as disposing off your trash but yet it’s not a difficult task to carry out.  Here are steps on how to dispose of a credit card;

  • First, contact your credit card issuer. Contacting you our credit card issuer is the first thing to do before disposing your credit card. Call the number on the back of your credit card and request to close down your credit card.
  • Alert your authorized cardholders; you will need to notify your cardholders that you’re closing your account so they won’t make charges on the card.
  • Destroy your credit cards; I mean physically destroying your credit cards.

Ways To destroy your credit card

There are different ways you can destroy your credit card and they include;

  • Cut your credit card with a scissors and separate the cards numbers and your name from each other.
  • Use a shredding tool to shred off different parts of the plastic cards.
  • Deactivate and destroy the magnetic chip in the credit card.
  • Avoid putting the pieces of the credit card in a trash can.

If you want to dispose of the pieces in a trash can, place the different pieces in groups, take the first group and throw in the trash can and then wait till the next week to dispose off another group.

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