How to Get Cheap Health Insurance in 2020 And Cheap Health Insurance Companies

How to Get Cheap Health Insurance in 2020 – Health is wealth, thus having a good health insurance policy that covers for you when you need it the most is very important. But how do you get one when you do not know how to get cheap health insurance in 2020?.

There are several options for cheap health insurance that you can afford and is available through various providers. Currently the cheapest health insurance happens to be Medicaid, which offers free or low-cost coverage to those who are qualified.

Things to note while searching for the right affordable health insurance plan

The IRS premium tax credit that can offset or completely offer a coverage for your policy cost.

Medicaid’s free or lowest cost if you qualify.

An inexpensive short-term policy since IRS current rules allows you to keep one for up to one year.

What you should avoid

Watch out for income limits that can disqualify you from Medicaid.

Avoid policies that claim to be low-cost but really isn’t as (the national average health insurance premium is about $574 per month).

Read through the fine print because most insurance policies often have complex rules and many exclusions.

Watch also for the extremely limited coverage offered by short-term policies.

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Is there a free Health Insurance?

If you qualify for the Affordable Care Act’s premium tax credit health insurance subsidy – a tax credit taken in advance to lower the amount you pay for your monthly health insurance premium, the answer may actually be that you are paying for nothing.

In order to get subsidy, you must apply for it, and purchase a plan via your state’s health insurance exchange, also referred to as the Health Insurance Marketplace.

The amount you get will be based on the estimated household income that you put on your Marketplace application. Note, that usually you need to make between 100 and 400% of the federal poverty level to qualify.

In the event where you qualify for a subsidy, the Marketplace can send the credit straight to your insurance company, which will apply to your monthly plan premium.

Cheap Individual Health Insurance

In case you are not qualified for Medicaid, there still other cheap health insurance plan with full benefits that you can purchase via state health insurance marketplaces.

Full benefits here implies that these health insurance plans will offer comprehensive coverage for all 10 of the essential health benefits needed to be covered under the Affordable Care Act. These essential benefits include:

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Emergency services

Outpatient services

Mental health and substance abuse care

Maternity and newborn care

Prescription drugs

Rehabilitative services

Pediatric services

Preventive and wellness services

Laboratory services.

Bronze Metal Tier

These are the cheapest tier of health insurance policies available on the state health insurance marketplaces. Be it as it may, they have the lowest premiums, the deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums are higher than for the other tiers.


These are cheap rates for low for low-income households with middle-ground plans that have modest premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums. You stand eligible for reductions, if your household income is less than 250% of the federal poverty level.

The cost-sharing reductions on this plan, makes it the most affordable medical insurance for many low-income families, which enables individuals to get reductions on the amount they pay in premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.


The gold tier is the high premium, but low out-of-pocket expenses plan. It is often the most expensive that you can get on your state marketplace. Be it as it may, this tier has the most deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, which can help you save money if you expect high medical expenses during the plan year.


The Platinum plan is most beneficial to those who expect high medical bills. Platinum policies, have relatively expensive premiums, but at the same time, the cheapest deductible. This policy frequently have a $0 deductible.  Note that these plans are not available in all states.

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Cheap Health Insurance Companies

Medica Insurance Company

Cigna Health and Life Company

Kaiser Permanente

Blue Cross Blue Shield



Sanford Health Plan

Tufts Health


Health CO-OP


Group Health Care

Maine Community Health Options



Neighborhood Community

UPMC Health Options

Fidelis Care

Health Connections

AmerilHealth Insurance Company.

Cheap Health Insurance for Students

Many universities and colleges often provide free health insurance to students through the school-sponsored plan. These policies typically offer health insurance for most on-campus medical services, but does not cover if you become a part-time student or transfer schools.

Students can also purchase health insurance policies, which are designed for full-time students between the ages of 17 and 29, and these plans can be bought via most large health insurance companies and are paid either by an annual or semiannual premium.

With a student health plan, you can get a cheap medical insurance option, because this will not affect your coverage if you decide to transfer to a different school.

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