How To Rent a Car Without a Credit Card

How To Rent a Car Without a Credit Card – It is common knowledge that most car rental companies require a credit card in order to rent out a vehicle, but if you do not want to use a credit card, and you want to rent a car, here’s how to rent a car without a credit card.

If you have been told before now or you think it’s impossible to rent a car without a credit card, you are on the right page, as we are here to show just how possible it can be.


Why Car Rental companies prefer a credit card to rent out their cars

This is because, these companies need to be sure that their vehicle will remain in good condition, thus they require a deposit before renting out their car.

The second reason is because, cars are expensive machines, and as such deposits may range anywhere from a hundred Euro to several thousand (depending on the specific vehicle class).

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Thus, the deposit you leave is to be used for any damages that occur to the vehicle while in your possession. Once you return the car in the same state you got it, you get a full refund of your deposit.

With a credit card, the company can easily block or hold on your account, to be released once you return the vehicle in a good shape.

What you need to Rent a car without a Credit Card

If you are renting a car without a credit card, you will need the following;

A debit card

A valid driver’s license

Sufficient funds to cover the cost of your rental car.

How to rent a car without a credit card

Opt for a company that allows you rent a car without a credit card. Different companies requires different things, if you are paying for your car rental with a debit card.

But some of the most common things you may be required to bring are car insurance, a pay stub, a current bank statement, or even a utility bill that matches the address on your driver’s license.

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Do Research on your car options

Some companies put a restriction on the type of car you can rent using a debit card. Thus, you are to check with your rental company to see what kinds of vehicles are up for rentals with a debit card.

Meet minimum age requirements

Some car companies also put a restriction on age by not allowing you rent a car until you are 25, or make you pay extra for being under their age requirement.

You Need a Valid Drivers License

You will need a valid up-to-date driver’s license, if you are to rent a car. This is to assure the rental company that you can actually drive.

A Credit Check may be run on you

Be prepared while getting ready to rent a car, as some companies might run a credit check on you. This is because the company wants to see how well you manage debts, to be sure their car is in safe hands.

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Travel Plan Requirements

Some companies, may demand a proof of your return flight to the place where you are renting the car.

Holds /Deposits

Some rental companies, might place a hold or deposit on your bank account, which will be returned to you once you return the car.

You see!!!  It’s just that simple to rent a card if you do not have a credit card, or you have one but do not want to use it. It is quite simple as it sounds, try it out today.

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