How To Sell Your Product On Amazon | Sell on Amazon Free | Create Amazon Seller Account

How To Sell Your Product On Amazon
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How To Sell Your Product On Amazon – Amazon is an online e-commerce platform that allows you buy and sell almost anything in the world, on Amazon they are various categories of items available. After Amazon sign up you can either become a buyer or a third party seller.

If you know how to sell your product on Amazon perfectly then you’ll find out selling products on Amazon can be very profitable. When you become a seller on Amazon it’s in two ways; either the buy box or the other sellers on Amazon.

How To Sell Your Product On Amazon

If you’re under the buy box category when a buyer clicks on your product for purchase by clicking on add to cart it is your product that will be added to the buyer’s cart.

Fulfilled by Amazon FBA Seller and Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)

Sellers on the buy box are fulfilled by Amazon. When you are a seller on Amazon you get a better chance and a higher percentage of selling your products on Amazon if that same product is not listed by is not a third party seller. When selling your products on Amazon you have two options on how to sell your product on Amazon; either fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) – FBA means Amazon is responsible for shipping and customer service of your products or you can be fulfilled by merchant (FBM) – FBM means you are responsible for everything concerning your products. Both FBA and FBM pays a certain amount of money to Amazon.

How To Sell Your Product On Amazon | How To Start Selling On Amazon

You must first create a seller account to be able to start selling on Amazon, after creating a seller account follow these steps to know how to sell your products on Amazon.

  1. Look for items you can sell on Amazon
  2. List the item for sale, add a price, photo of the item, and description.
  3. Package the item and send it to a warehouse for shipment after it has been bought.

If you’re fulfilled by Amazon you send the item to the any Amazon warehouse nearest to you, but if you’re fulfilled by the merchant you will handle the shipping personally.

How To Create A Seller Account

To be able to sell your products on Amazon you must have first created a seller account, to know how to create a seller account follow the steps below

  1. Connect your device to an active internet connection
  2. Launch your web browser and go to
  3. Hit the register button
  4. Forms will be displayed to you to fill, fill them all with correct details and information.

Filling the forms will be very easy if you have all the needed information and details with you. After filling all the forms click on submit to start selling on Amazon.

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