Lead Generation On Instagram – Instagram Lead Generation Tips and Guides

Lead Generation On Instagram – In case you’re wondering if it’s possible to run lead generation on Instagram the answer is Yes.

Lead generation can be run across the Instagram platform once you have your Facebook page and an Instagram business profile in place.

You can run lead ads on Instagram. To do this, it is advised that you use automatic placements when creating your lead ads.

Automatic placements here are selected by default and automatically selects the recommended placements for your ad based on your objective and creative.

Lead Generation On Instagram - Instagram Lead Generation Tips and Guides

To be sure that your lead ads appear on Instagram, ensure that your creative follows Instagram’s design requirements.

To check if you’ve chosen Automatic Placements in ad creation, visit the Placements section at the Ad Set level.

How to Use Lead Generation On Instagram

User Targeting

Targeting users who may be interested in your product offering goes a long way in helping you make the most of your advertising budget.

You can make use of Facebook’s pixel’s and lookalike audiences to target users with similar attributes as existing customers. With this feature, you can reach potential leads effectively via Instagram adverts, which ensures that your ads are seen by users who may be interested in your product offering.

To further shortlist the types of users you’re targeting in order to increase the effectiveness of your campaign, you can consider using targeting to effectively market your brand and products to an audience that already has interest in what you are offering.

Note, the Facebook pixel, will further enable you to improve the quality of leads by retargeting people for your Instagram Ads. This is by creating custom audiences that you can use to retarget your ads towards people who visited your site, viewed your products, or abandoned their shopping carts.

Personalize Your Brand

You can successfully generate leads on Instagram by personalizing your brand. By this, we mean giving consumers real interactions and genuine brand relationships.

Your followers, need a more personal and human touch to win their trust and convert them into leads and also win the loyalty of existing customers and followers alike.

Instagram can be used to share the behind-the-scene images of what’s really happening inside the company, and can be leveraged on to intimate existing followers on what you really are up to for a more personal feel.

Customer Reviews

Positive customer reviews can further strengthen the authenticity of your brand. Once people see that those who’ve patronized you before are backing you up and vouching for you positively, you will stand a better chance of building trust with a new audience.

You can also use your Instagram account to tell real stories of existing customers and how your product or service has impacted on them.

How To Create Lead Generation On Instagram

Start by choosing your lead generation objective. This you can do by creating a new ad campaign and selecting lead generation as the objective.

The next step is to define your audience, by setting ad levels to define those you are targeting.

Then, choose your ad placements, by selecting the Automatic Placements option to have your ads delivered on both desktop and mobile.

Set your bid, and ensure you optimize for leads vs. link clicks.

Select an ad format. Note, the front end of the ad unit is the standard format for regular ads, with the same creative options available. You can opt for a carousel ad that highlights the benefits of your service or product features. You can also fuse in testimonials and reviews for better results.

Create your lead form by using a context card to ensure your leads are qualified. The context card pops up after users tap on the ad and before they submit their information. Display the benefits of submitting the form to your prospects and opt for a paragraph or bullet point format for this card.

Add up to three custom questions, which you should use sparingly and better still ask multiple choice questions rather than open-ended questions.

Finally, and a link to your website that users can see on the thank-you page along with a View Website call-to-action.

You can use several mediums to effectively run lead generation ads on Instagram and attract high-quality leads.

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