Life Insurance Ireland – How To Compare and Why You Need Life Insurance

Life insurance Ireland is designed to help you quickly and easily find the best life insurance cover from reputable insurance companies for you. Life insurance helps you live your life with peace of mind, because the people you care so much for, will be well taken care of when you are no more.

Whether you are looking for over 50s life insurance, joint life insurance, or a life insurance quote that captures what you want, life insurance Ireland is capable of delivering.

Life Insurance Ireland

Ireland boasts of major life insurance companies like Aviva, New Ireland, Royal London and Zurich Life.

Let’s get deeper into life insurance policy offerings from Ireland and see all that it offers.

What is Life Cover

Life cover is for paying out a tax-free lump sum if you die during the term of the policy. You can either opt for a single life cover, where only one person is insured, or joint life cover and dual life cover, where two people are insured under the one policy.

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Joint Life Cover

A joint life cover, insures two people under the one policy, but pays out only one claim on the death of the first person. The policy comes to an end when the first person dies.

Dual Life Cover

A dual life cover also insures two people under the same policy but can pay out a claim on both deaths. When one person dies, a claim is paid out and the policy continues in the name of the survivor.

In the event where the second person dies during the term of the policy a second payout is made, which is why dual life cover is more expensive than joint life cover.

Whole-of-life Cover

Whole-of-life cover grants you the liberty to choose a sum to be insured for a fixed monthly or annual premium. The sum insured, is then maintained throughout your life as long as you keep paying the premiums and will payout in the event of your demise.

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This type of insurance is often linked with estate planning, by offering a payment to meet inheritance costs and to ensure the well being of your family. This kind of cover is not linked with mortgage lending.

Life Insurance Ireland – How To Compare

Comparing life insurance from different companies in Ireland is very important as it helps you find the policy that best suits your requirements. Here’s how to compare;

Enter details about the life insurance cover you would like.

Compare the life insurance, and choose a policy that best suits what you want.

Finally, complete the life insurance application.

Why Do You Need Life Insurance?

Depending on your personal circumstances, you may need a life insurance policy. Some of these personal circumstances includes, if you have a family or others who rely on you for financial support, or if you have no life insurance benefits via your job or pension plan.

You will also need a life policy, if you have a young family, so as to cover them.

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Be it as it may, not everyone needs life insurance cover. You may not need one if you have no dependents or anyone who relies on your income or if you already have life insurance cover via your pension plan or through work.

How Much Does Life Insurance Ireland Cost Per Month?

The cost  will be determined by several factors like the amount of cover you choose, how long you want the policy to run for, your age, your health status, and if you want a single life cover or joint/dual life cover. Smokers on the other hand, will be required to pay more for cover than non-smokers.

Life insurance Ireland helps you compare life insurance quotes from Ireland’s leading insurers, apply for, and get a life policy to plan for your future with a complete range of life insurance, business insurance and mortgage protection products.

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