MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card: Which is Better?

Confused of which CC to go for? Just calm down. Below is a review on both credit cards so after this article, you should be able to make your choice on which suits you best.

However, both credit cards have got their own unique and amazing features they’ve got to offer to their users especially for the fact that non of the company is involved in offering any card or extending credit.

Meaning every Visa and Master Card are given out through a co-branded relationship. Since neither of the companies issues any card, they work together with other brands to give credit options.

MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card

What is a Credit Card?

A Credit Card is thin rectangular plastic or metal issued by the bank or a financial institution that allows users purchase goods or services on the agreement of paying the issuer ( bank) back at an agreed time.

MasterCard Credit Card Vs Visa Credit Card

The two biggest payment processing networks across the globe are MasterCard and Visa Card. These cards are offered directly to the customer of Banks that are members, through branded credit card partnerships with airlines. MasterCard and Visa Card are publicly traded. Their prices are; (a). MasterCard – $293  , Visa – $300.

Both have a bread portfolio of co-branded offerings for the fact that non of the payment processors extends credit or offers cards through a banking unit. Both cards have almost the same Business models. They do not issue cards directly to people instead, they offer the cards through partner member financial organization i.e. credit unions and banks.

 Visa Vs MasterCard

 Here’s the basic info and the difference between the two payment processor.

 Visa Card

It brought over $20 billion in total revenue alongside a payment volume of $8.8 trillion in 2019. Visa’s main products are credit, prepaid, and debit cards, including business solutions and worldwide ATM services. It’s known for issuing three-card levels-basis, signature, and infinite. In transactions, purchase volume, and Credit Card, it’s larger in circulation.


MasterCard had a total revenue of over $16 billion in 2019 and a payment volume of 6.5 trillion. It issues Standard, world and world elite Credit Card unlike Visa.

 Its major products are consumer credit, prepaid, and debit cards. The calculation of the service fees is done as a percentage of global dollar volume. Although, both cards earn basically their revenue from service and data process fees.

The difference between the MasterCard and Visa Card is that the payment providers give little or no benefits. Other cool benefits and features come from the card’s Issuer ( banks or financial services).

The card issuers take responsibility of interest rates structuring, development of rewards program. Benefits like theft, car rental insurance, fraud protection, cashback, rewards points and more come with it.         

Which is better?

Apparently getting confused on both doesn’t really seem like something you need to stress over. What should be your main focus is what the card Issuer is offering. When getting a credit card, the payment processor should have less of your attention while the credit card’s features, its rates, and fees, welcoming bonuses and rewards that are determined by issuers

How To Check If Credit Card Visa Or MasterCard

Go to the credits card’s login website, check their homepage, you’ll see the picture of the card. So if your card is Visa (V) or Master (M), you’ll see it clearly on the card picture. That wasn’t so hard, was it? Do well to know more about your credit card and how it operates. Enjoy your credit card features and benefits.

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