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As a student or an employee you can earn money by taking part in online marketing jobs from home, these jobs does not require an office space. The most common example of online marketing jobs is freelancing.

Freelancing simply means selling your service to people online without necessarily having a long term agreement or contract. These services involve digital skills like writing, graphics designing, web designs and many more.

As a freelancer you can get your clients online from several freelancing platform or random websites after getting a job from a client, you will both agree on a date of submission and price. This doesn’t need to be done physically because it can be done on chat platforms or through phone calls.

Online Marketing Jobs From Home

Online marketing jobs from home can also be in form of buying and selling fairly used goods or brand new items, you don’t need a shop, a store, a shed or a stand to buy and sell online, all you need is a registered and verified account with the platform you wish to sell on.

Websites like Amazon is widely known for buying and selling of several categories of items, you can become a seller on this platform, another option is Facebook. After registration at any online marketing platform, you can sell your goods and items to anyone at anywhere

Online Marketing Jobs From Home | Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

These online marketing jobs from home requires a certain level of digital skills and these digital skills can be learned by taking online courses or watching videos that talks and teaches about digital skills. The list below is a compilation of digital skills jobs that can be done from home.

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – Search engine optimization basically involves improving websites ranking on search engines by selecting appropriate and targeted keywords for search engine optimization skills and these keywords plus other search engine optimization tactics and skills are used to higher the ranking of websites.
  • Web producer – web producing involves creation and implementation of web contents like graphics, audio, and videos with the major aim of improving user experience on the website.
  • Web content writer – Content writing is similar to web producing but they don’t create and implement contents, instead, they write several types of content for websites. Web writing helps increase the number of people visiting a website by using related keywords to the keyword they are writing on.
  • Email marketing manager – this majorly deals with the marketing of products and services through campaigns on email. It also involves the management of email contacts.

If you have an interest in doing online marketing jobs from home and you have any digital skill, you will find a lot of jobs you can apply for on several freelancing websites.

Online Marketing Jobs From Home | Freelance Marketing Jobs

Freelancing is the commonest way of getting online marketing jobs from home. When freelancing there’s no need to move about with CV looking for jobs, all you need to do is state the skill in which your service is based on. Below is a list of site that offers freelance marketing jobs

  • Upwork
  • Fiver
  • Guru
  • LinkedIn

On these sites are people looking for and ready to buy services from people who offer digital skills. When registering to any  these sites have the opportunity to choose your area/areas of expertise in the digital market

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