By | November 28, 2019

Online shopping India is the act of making purchases over the internet, basically in India. Thus, online shopping is finally entering into India. Nowadays, majority of people now, prefer to purchase everything starting from groceries to clothing online.

Online shopping stores now make huge profit and sales than the retail stores, because India is now a country of millions of online shoppers.

Online Shopping India -  Best Online Shopping Site

So this now led to an increase in online shopping sites. In this article, you will get the list of different online shopping sites in India.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is an act of buying goods and services from real-time sellers over the internet. The world has turned digital, that is why a good number of people make purchases online.

Right in your sitting room, you can go on the Internet as finding the item you want, and order for it. Thus there’s no stress in shopping online, relax under your air-condition and your package will be delivered to you.

Types of online shopping

Generally, online shopping comes in two faces which are

  • B2C online shopping
  • B2B  online shopping

Business to Consumer Online Shopping

Business to consumer (B2C) online shopping is an exchange of products or services over the internet platform between consumers and online stores.

Business to Business (B2B) Internet Shopping

Business to Business is simply an electronic commerce between businesses. Transactions are mostly a supply chain, that is to buy items like raw materials to use in the manufacturing process.

List of Online Shopping Sites in India

  • Homeshop 18

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce. And has gained the trust of so many individuals. Thus the company has large number of products and makes plenty sells on a daily basis. They offer quality services, which most Indians can testify to it.  Online Shopping India is an American store that does very great in offering services in India. The company has a good number of clothing and accessories out for sales. Thus the clothing includes both western wears and also desi Kurtis. shopping website sells all kinds of products starting from gift vouchers, electronics down to home appliances. So this makes Indians depend on the site for their purchases.

Candere is an online jewellery shopping center. They have variety of designs such as gold, diamond and platinum jewellery. So, if you’re looking for online store to buy jewellery, Candere is best for you.

A well-known shopping site that sells items cheap. But they have little issue in their delivery, due to their lower price for items. But if you can wait, there’s no problem.