PayPal Gift Card | How To Buy a PayPal Gift Card

PayPal gift card can be redeemed instore or online as well as used to add funds to PayPal with any payment method you prefer with a PayPal top-up card.

This service has made it possible for customers to send money to any account in an instant as well as gives you the choice of buying prepaid credit with many secure payment methods.

You can choose to reload PayPal with mobile phone, Bitcoins, Paysafecard and 20+ others.

PayPal Gift Card | How To Buy a PayPal Gift Card

How To Top-up PayPal with a PayPal Gift Card

The PayPal gift card is a great way to add money to your account balance. With it, you can significantly broaden the range of options you have to pay for your prepaid credit.

Immediately after your transaction, you will get the card code straight from email, with a link that will take you to the redeem page.

Here, you can easily key in the redeem code as well as the email address that is linked to the account you are willing to fund.

Note, you have to double-check if the email address is correct as well as confirm to redeem PayPal voucher. The money gets instantly transferred in a few seconds. You can log into your PayPal account to see your balance.

Buy a PayPal Gift Card as Present

Use the PayPal balance gift card to load your account with Prepaid credit. With this, you no longer need to link your PayPal account to a credit card or bank account.

You’ll also curtail your spending on the funds you have. In place of cash, you can top up card to give away or load money onto someone’s account directly. Your e-gift card can also be customized as a present for any occasion.

All you have to do, is choose one of Paypal’s free gift card templates, add your personal message and make yourself a great printable gift card.

PayPal gift card, offers you a new way of funding your digital wallet. Vouchers are available 24/7 online, and you’ll receive your top-up code instantly by email. Redeem the same directly to make an instant transfer to an account of your choice.

PayPal Gift Card Pros

Instant delivery of code directly by email, to enable you use the credit immediately.

Offers you a choice of more than 10 different designs.

You can complete the checkout process safely and swiftly with a choice of more than 20 payment options.

How PayPal Gift Card Works

Simply add Visa (and MasterCard, Discover, or AmEx) gift cards and Prepaid cards to your PayPal Wallet, just the same way you would a traditional debit or credit card. Select the Wallet option from the top page, and add your Visa gift card details and tap the Link Card button.

How To Buy a PayPal Gift Card

Go to the PayPal store to choose from the range of gift cards offered. Choose the gift card you desire to purchase and value loaded onto it. If you are purchasing the gift card for someone else, then you’ll be required to key in the recipient’s email address, your name as well as a short message to be sent along with your gift.

Where Can You Buy PayPal Gift Cards?

These cards, are sold in pharmacies and discount stores, including CVS, Rite Aid, Fred’s, Dollar General, Family Dollar etc.

PayPal gift card is the much needed alternative to cash that you can take advantage of and make your transitions easier.

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