Reasons: Why is Elan Financial Services on Your Credit Report?

Elan Financial Services, is America’s leading agent credit card issuer since 1968. This agent credit card issuer, has partnered with over 1,300 financial institutions, and has offered an outsourced partnership solution, which offers institutions the ability to offer a competitive credit card program.

Elan Financial Services, partners with banks and credit unions, to issue credit cards. What this means is that, you can’t apply for a credit card directly with Elan Financial Services. Rather, it partners with banks and credit unions, so they don’t have to build credit card programs from scratch.

Elan Financial Services

If you happen to see Elan Financial Services, displayed on your credit reports, it means you may have applied for a credit card from one of the financial institutions that partners with it.

Why Elan?

Elan’s approach, ensures that partners stay competitive, while growing their business with minimal risk. This it does, through the delivery of its proven road map, the Elan Advantage. The Elan corporation, offers the following solutions:

  • Account Executive Teams
  • Client Resource Center
  • Underwriting
  • Online Account Access Tools
  • Digital Solutions
  • High-Impact Marketing Solutions. Training
  • Cardmember Service Team
  • Industry-Leading Fraud Detection Team
  • Branch Applications Affirmative Consent.

Why is Elan Financial Services on Your Credit Report?

There are few reasons why you would see Elan Financial Services on your credit report:

Hard Inquiry: If you happen to have applied for a credit card from your bank or credit union and you have a hard inquiry on your credit report from Elan Financial Services, then chances are, that the card, is offered by Elan Financial Services on behalf of the bank or credit union which you applied through.

When this happens, Elan Financial Services would likely have done a hard pull on your reports. This is, to check your credit when evaluating your application, to decide whether or not to extend credit to you. Note, that a hard inquiry can have some level of impact on your credit scores, and can stay on your credit report for up to 2 years.

Soft Inquiry: If you have applied to pre-qualify for a credit card from one of the banks or credit unions that works with Elan Financial Services, you may also see a soft inquiry from the company on your reports. Unlike a hard inquiry, a soft inquiry does not affect your credit scores.

Unauthorized Hard Inquiry: If it happens that you did not apply for a credit card provided by Elan Financial Services, and you have a hard inquiry from them in your reports, it may be that you are facing a case of identity theft.

Authorized User: Another possibility of Elan Financial Services showing up on your credit reports, is if you were added as an authorized user to someone’s else credit card account.

If you were mistakenly added as an authorized user to someone’s else account, you should be able to call the credit card issuer and asked to be removed as an authorized user.

Once you’re removed, and the issuer has reported the change to the credit bureaus, you should not see the account listed anymore. If it still stays on your account, you can dispute the inaccuracy, with each bureau.

Active or Closed Accounts: You can also have Elan Financial Services pop up on your credit report in the accounts section. This may happen if you have an existing accounts that has been purchased by another bank or company. When this happens, the creditor listed for the account would have been updated to the new company.

If you still can’t recognize the account after searching thoroughly for it, it may be that someone fraudulently used your identity to apply.

What Credit Cards are Offered by Elan Financial Services?

As earlier stated, Elan Financial Services provides services for 1300 banks and other financial services like:

  • Chevron Federal Credit Union
  • NRL Federal Credit Union
  • Fidelity (Fidelity® Rewards Visa Signature® Card)
  • Envision Bank
  • First Financial Northwest Bank
  • Country Club Bank
  • Busey Bank
  • Highland Bank
  • Banner Federal Credit Union
  • MIT Federal Credit Union

Elan Financial Services Mobile App

Elan Financial Services is pleased to offer you a mobile app solution, to help you easily access your credit card account on the go. You can download the Elan Financial Services credit card mobile app for free. However, your mobile carrier may charge access fees based on your individual plan.

Web access is required to use the mobile app. You can check with your carrier for specific fees and charges. Also, some features may require additional online setup.

From the app you can:

  • Have streamlined sign up
  • Get easy options for login
  • Easy navigation, find it fast and review recent activity.
  • Set up a one time or recurring payment
  • Easily manage pending payments
  • Get your account secured, by specifying alerts based on transaction activity.
  • Manage your account by establishing alerts linked to payment due dates
  • Get security alerts once personal information is updated.
  • Easily lock or unlock your credit card in real-time.

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