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Rosegal is a global online store known for its trending fashion styles, vintage and contemporary styles which online buyers love to purchase. Rosegal was started by a group of fashion-minded friends who had a deep passion for fashion; the group started the Rosegal store with the aim of satisfying the fashion needs of customers in this modern age with ever-changing fashion styles.

For chic and trending styles, the rosegal website is definitely the place to visit. Fashion lovers love to visit the website to purchase trending and awesome fashion outfits and accessories.

Rosegal sells varieties of fashion outfits and accessories ranging from Swimwear, Shoes, and Bags, Women’s clothing, Plus size clothing, Men’s clothing, fashion outfits for Kids and Mum, clothes for Curvy girls and other items. 

Rosegal is popularly known for I If you love a blend of vintage fashion and contemporary fashion then, Rosegal is the right platform for you.


According to research, Rosegal is a wholesale company that buys its items from various sellers and helps them resell them through their platform. It does not manufacture its own products.

There are lots of questions internet users keep asking about this platform like where is it located? Is it a legit platform or is it a scam? This is probably as a result of the negative reviews this platform has gotten on the internet. So, is Rosegal a legit online store?

Is It Safe to Buy From

Rosegal has quite an ill reputation from various negative online reviews given by customers who are dissatisfied with their services. This has made many users start questioning how genuine the platform is.

Rosegal has been accused severally of stealing images from more popular manufacturers, which they post on their websites as their own original images, so instead of customers receiving the high-quality products they saw on the website, they receive items of cheaper quality.

This long list of complaints from online users has affected the reputation of the platform making a lot of people skeptical about purchasing items from Rosedale website.

There are many complaints about this website concerning the quality of its products and the shipping of the products but there are no issues concerning theft or phishing on the platform.

This platform’s payment system is totally safe for users, you can choose to use PayPal for your payment or your credit or debit card details, your details are kept safe which goes a long way to say that the platform is not a scam.

We can’t really say if the platform is a safe place to purchase items but due to the negative online reviews Rosegal has gotten over time we can’t blame users for being skeptical about using this platform. This, however, does not mean that there are no positive reviews about this platform.

The items sold by Rosegal are of good qualities however they are overpriced for their level of quality. Customers are often expecting quite high-quality products because of the amount they are paying. However, they get to see products of lower quality.

Rosegal’s Return Policy

Another aspect of this platform that users have complained about is its Return policy. Rosegal’s return policy is considered to be a bit strict and follows quite rigorous steps before customers can get their refunds.

Before customers can get their exchange or returns they will have to submit photos of their order, add order information and detailed information concerning the product they are returning.

However, Rosegal has adjusted its return policy and made it more lenient for its customers. Now unsatisfied customers can get unconditional exchange without having to send the original order. This is for orders which are less than $50.

This new policy can be used to indicate that Rosegal is actually a legit company, despite people’s complaints about the platform. Consumers have also complained about the customer service and shipping services offered by this platform which questions the reputation of this online platform.

Rosegal Website is the official website of this online store and you can visit it to purchase varieties of items. There are fashion accessories for men, women and even kids. It also offers specific fashion outfits for curvy girls and plus size women.

  • The homepage offers you a display of the website and you can access various options from the homepage.
  • You can use the search bar to find the specific item you are looking for or you can click on the specific category you want.
  • You can click the SIGN IN option at the top of the page to access your account
  • To create an account on the platform, just click the JOIN link
  • You can add items to your cart by clicking the cart icon
  • Rosegal website also allows you to access other options like customer service, Help and info and an opportunity to learn about the platform from the ABOUT US option.

Rosegal is a popular online store known for its mixture of vintage fashion and modern style which makes it quite unique. it is also known for its sale of fashion outfits for plus size women which are often rare.

This does not, however, mean that it has not had positive reviews from its customers. You can check out its services for yourself to know if the platform is worth it.

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