Sears Credit Card Application – How to Apply for Sears Credit Card online and Store

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Sears Credit Card Application – Getting to apply for the Sears credit card should be an issue if that’s your chosen card. The card issuer of the Citi Bank made it possible for applications to be easy. Find out how the Application process works by reading this article till the end.

Sears Credit Card
Sears Credit Card

Sears Credit Card Apply

The Citi Bank being the issuer of the Sears Credit Card and MasterCard is a perfect fit for people shopping at Sears or Kmart. Shoppers are allowed to purchase items regardless of the location with the MasterCard being that it’s accepted and it’s got merchandise reward redeemable points for reasonable items been bought.

We’ll be briefing you a bit on how to apply for Sears Credit Card, terms and conditions which is an important part before applying.

Sears Credit Card Apply Steps

Some important devices required documents needed  in other to apply successfully for the Sears Credit Card will be given below.  They are:

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  • You’ll need a well equipped computer of about 128-bit security encrypted enabled browser, a printer or a drive or other storage device needed will be needed for a view and retain a copy of the terms and conditions.
  • Additional Disclosure and Privacy Notice.
  • A strong data connection for the process to run smoothly.

Next up, the Application Steps.

How to Apply for Sears Credit Card

   The Application Steps you’ll have to follow is below. Here’s how it works:

  • Check out the card issuers secure website.
  • Type in your First name, Middle initial ( which is optional though) and then your Last name.
  • Type In your Email address, terms and details and consent .
  • Click on the “Submit Application” link .

With that, you’ve done a great job so far. All that’s left to do would be to wait a bit for an approved notification.

Store Application

You could actually apply for the Sears credit card in a store. Go to the nearest Sears store and get the application form filled. What you’ll need to do is:

  • Head to the nearest Sears store to your location.
  • Fill up all the required details in the from gotten from the cashier.
  • Head back to the store once your done.
  • There’ll be a response from Sears, wait for it.
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With that get a response from Sears and enjoy the decision you made.

Sears Credit Card Customer Service Number

To get the Customer Care Unit, check out for the service number listed on the cards website for more enquires on the Sears Credit Card Apply. Enjoy the credit card.

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