By | December 2, 2019

Lead generation for real estate comprises of lists of interested buyers or sellers given to agents, which are then added to a customer relationship manager (CRM) for marketing and lead nurturing.

How to Evaluate Lead Generation for Real Estate Companies

It is important that you discover a quality resource for buying real estate leads. This will give you (agent) a head start on sales and keep you continually supplied with potential clients.

The following are what to look for when considering Real Estate Lead Generation company.

Top 4 Lead Lead Generation for Real Estate - Cost - Strategies - Tips - Companies

Simplicity of Use

Real estate lead generation companies must be easy to use regardless of the skill and experience level.

This is because not all agents technological understanding is the same, thus a friendly service is essential if success must be achieved.

Lead Generation for Real Estate

There should be various ways of generating leads. This comprises of social media ads, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, landing pages, lead magnets, etc. Each method should at least have one proven lead generation method.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews give great insight into the company’s offerings as well as the quality of their leads and tools to help the agent fully understand what is obtainable.

Training and Customer Support

A good company should offer training and customer support to help customers with solving their basic issues and better utilize their subscription.

There should be at least one customer support channel (phone, chat, email, or online materials).


Since the price factor directly impacts an agent’s budget, it goes to say that price is one of the most important factors to consider when buying leads.

Some companies charge per lead, while others help by creating lead generation funnels that use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Lead Nurturing

A company should be able to nature a lead to culminate into sales. This is why companies that offer a CRM with email and marketing tools are good because it helps the company stay connected to buyers all through the sales cycle.

Top 4 Lead Generation for Real Estate

Bold Leads

On our top list is the Bold Leads company. It is a specialized, exclusive marketing agency designed to create ads that can help you entice leads.

The unique part of these companies offering is that when becoming a BoldLeads agent in a particular Zip code, you are given the exclusive right of service of marketing there. BoldLeads media and lead magnets are created just for you.

How it Works

Bold Leads visits the internet where your potential clients are already engaging and draws them to you with well-placed ads. These ads lead to customize landing pages where information is given.

This company, creates and places the ads on platforms like Google and Facebook and manages the lead forms, which it passes along the leads as they come in.

Bold Leads have a built-in CRM which connects seamlessly with it’s platform, which provides a great end-to-end prospect solution.


The cost is broken down into two categories;

Account Fee: $299 per month. For this fee, Bold Leads creates, implements and manages all your ads and lead forms, and also helps you manage your ad budget across different platforms where your Bold Leads appears.

Budget for ads: $250 per month.

This makes the starting cost for Bold Leads $549.


REDX is ideal for agents who want to take control of their lead generation and initiate conversations with prospects instead of waiting for them to initiate.

How it Works

REDX uses advanced data aggregation techniques to search through the Internet and other public records in the hopes of delivering leads to it’s users, using a single easy-to-use dashboard. It’s users can get Expired Listing leads, FSBO leads, FRBO leads as well as Pre-foreclosure leads.

Each of these leads is designed with a profile complete with all the publicly available details the internet can give, like phone numbers, mailing addresses, property history etc.

With this service also comes a powerful geographic prospecting tool known as GeoLeads which enables users gather the same useful information that they can get from the Expired Listing or FSBO leads, but from particular neighborhoods.

With REDX, you also have an auto-dialer, called storm dialer, which turbocharges your calling sessions, to increase your call efficiency by more than 400%.


Expired Leads –  $59.99 per month

FSBOs –  $39.99 per month

FSBOs –  $79.99 per month

Pre-foreclosures –  $39.99 per month

GeoLeads –  $49.99 per month.

Although not a lead source, the REDX auto-dialer, called Storm Dialer is an exciting tool you can use to power up your lead prospecting. It goes for $99.99 per month.


Atnumber 3 is  Real Geeks, which combines team features and it’s powerful lead generation techniques to offer real estates teams a lead generation company crafted to meet their needs. One exciting feature with Real Geek is that you don’t have to be a real estate team to use Real Geeks, but teams get a lot out of this platform.

How it Works

Real Geeks generates leads by creating lead magnets like IDX websites, where prospects can search for homes that are up for sale in their area or home valuation tools. Contact information is needed to use these tools.

To drive traffic to the lead magnets, Real Geeks offers services like pay-per-click advertising on platforms like Google Ads and social media advertising. The amazing fact about Real Geeks is that, it drives traffic to websites that you own and are in charge of, and not to a Real Geek-owned site.


Start: $199 per month for up to two users, then $25 per month for each additional user. Be it a solo agent or a team of two, you get to pay the same $199 minimum.

With this fee, you get a sleek customizable IDX website with lead forms, a property valuation landing page for seller leads, and a CRM that offers features like automated texting and advanced drip campaigns to tend the leads you catch.

Management Services: $550 per month. With this fee, Real Geeks will work you to create a top-to-bottom ad strategy for Google and Facebook marketing to generate both buyer and seller leads. This comprises of things like website setup, lead capture optimization, strategies for follow-up etc. Note, you have to supply the ad budget, which means this option requires investment.

Zillow Premier Agent

The last but not definitely the least on our list is the Zillow Premier Agent which boasts of more than 36 million unique monthly visitors. This company has a dominating presence in the online real estate world. Zillow has designed a searchable, savable and an easily scrollable database of just about every home that is up for sale in North America.

How it Works

Zillow offers real estate agents the opportunity of marketing to potential buyers as they view property listings in a particular geographic area. It’s agents who are marketing in a particular ZIP code are displayed right along with the property details, which makes it easy for a buyer to choose an agent and request more information about a property or schedule a showing.

Zillow Premier Agent Cost

Zillow offers the median sale price of homes in the ZIP code you want to market in, and the number of other agents competing for space in that ZIP code. On the average, a minimum budget of $250 per month is needed to start if you expect to see any possible results.