Top-Rated Best Computer Stores in Houston, TX –

The best computer stores in Houston were researched on and outlined in this article. Read on and discover the best computer stores in Houston and their location.

Best Computer Stores in Houston, TX

Houston’s Best Computer Stores

 The best computer stores in the whole is Houston are:

  • Experimax
  • Top Tech Expert
  • Suntek PC Parts
  • Impress Computers
  • Server Monkey
  • The Computer Hospital


Their specialties are basically buying, selling, and repairing Apple products. The Experimax is one of the best computer repair stores in Houston that carry our repairs on gadgets, offer diagnostics assessments for free and request payment once the precise repair starts working, and is an expert when it comes to any Apple product.

If the old Apple product can’t be repaired anymore, you’ll be given an option to either swap it with a new model from their store or they’ll buy the unit from you. Check this particular store out and discover offers of great deals.


  • Address: 9930 Katy Fwy #150a, Houston, TX 77055

Top Tech Experts

Now this store is one of the best computer repair stores in Houston, it’s trusted, affordable and reliable. There’s been positive reviews and results from their customers, they’ve been Features in lots of media outlets and all their services are prompt. They check through if the gargets can still be repaired asides from selling gadgets. It’s an amazing computer repair store in Houston, so check it out.


  • Address: 1821 Bungle Rd, Houston, TX 77055

Suntek PC Parts

Confused about what to buy it why the cause of the malfunction maybe? It’s fine because Suntek PC Parts have got you covered in all the detailed information you’ll need regarding computers. Being one of the best computer repair stores in Houston, asides from selling they repair and restore corrupted gadgets. The shop owner does a great job at making sure non of the customers leave unhappy. Check it out.


  •  Address: 5800 Corporate Dr a2, Houston, TX 77036

Impress Computers

It’s one of the best computer repair stores in Houston that takes its very best time to make sure all their staffs are knowledgeable and efficient to avoid customer complaints or unsatisfactory feelings. They sell and repair gadgets too.


  • Address: 21733 Provincial Blvd # 110, Katy, TX 77450.

Server Monke

It’s perfect for new and rehabilitated gadgets and spare parts needed to complete the repairs of damaged gadgets. Server Monkey helps you with old gargets making you reconsider if you should dispose them immediately and will refurbish and configure them to what you’ll prefer.

They tend to keep give users a heads up on the equipment’s lifecycle and give regular maintenance on them from time to time as stated in their given warranty. They’ve got almost everything you’ll need to recover old gadgets and make them as good as they were which is pretty cool and saves unnecessary expenses.


  •  Address: 2130 West Sam Houston Pkwy N, Houston, TX 77043

The Computer Hospital

It’s one of the best computer repair stores in Houston that provides computer and technology support at a reasonable price to customers. It was established in 1985 and is well experienced, trustworthy, and reliable being among the best in Houston.


  • Address: 3512 Travis St Houston, TX 76002 Midtown, Fourth Ward.

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