Travel Blog Writer – How to Start a Travel Blog, Great Ideas you Need

Travel Blog Writer – A Blog is a type of website that publishes posts regularly. These posts can be stories or snippets of information, reviews, photographs, images, podcasts, and other types of content that can be uploaded online.

A Travel blog is simply a blog where the publisher’s focus is entirely on the world of travelling.

Travel Blog Writer

How to Start a Travel Blog

  1. To start a travel, firstly you need to have something in mind to write about, If you want to have a travel blog that stands out from the crowd, then focus on the niche i.e the travel topic in which you are an expert in or passionate about. You can choose from any of the popular travel blog niches which include: Adventure travel, culinary or food travel, travelling with children.
  2. Study SEO: SEO means Search Engine Optimization and it is the ability to create and manage a bogging website so that it contents ranks well on search engines. SEO is seen as the currency of the internet so if you want to rank well on and appear on page 1 of a google search then learning and applying SEO is essential.
  3. Choose a blogging platform: A blogging platform is simply a service which enables bloggers to store and publish blog post. Popular blogging platforms include, Joomla, and Tumblr. You will have to decide what you need from your blog and how your needs are met by the bogging platform.
  4. Choosing a domain name: A domain name reflects your blog contentt. A Domain name is basically part of your blog uniform resource locator (URL) for example, Google is a domain name. Domain name matters a lot for SEO which is why you should study SEO before setting up your website.
  5. Create the Blog Using blogging platform chosen: Create pages on your blog to give readers the idea of what is present in a specific page. The following are essential pages for travelling blogs:
    1. Home
    2. Destinations/Regions
    3. About
    4. Contact
  6. Link your social media profile to your blog to promote the site and posts.
  7. You can also consider adding statistics facility such as Google analytics to your blog.

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Travel Blog Writer – Ideas On What to Write In a Travel Blog

If you just started a blog and can’t seem to come up with what to write on, or you are trying to figure out what to write in travel, below are some ideas for you you could consider writing on.
When it comes to travel blogging you might just need a few ideas to start off, You can use two or three of these ideas to get started.

  1. Write about your first holiday: This is a good option to get started in blogging about travel. You can tell your readers about your memories from your first holiday. Think about describing the way it affected all your senses to get you started. Are they particular sounds, smell, and sight that take you back to that moment in time?
  2. Write on Your Locale: There are several places to in world, If you live in London, you got enough content to write on which could see you through for years. Look for unique events, have a unique view and there you have your next article.
  3. Where shall I travel to Next holiday?: Answer this question by writing. Create a blog post with all the reasons you have to advise why someone should go to a certain place on holiday. Another aspect of travel blogging is persuasive writing.
  4. Write About you: You can decide to post about some of your personal stuffs. They are the ones some people like to read to get to know the blogger. Post like this help people to see there are real person at the end of the blog post – real people with real problems.

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