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Facebook users usually lock their friends’ list to restrain everyone from viewing their friend’s list. However, this content will teach you 3 unique tricks you can use to view the private friends list of any Facebook user.

Why Do People Hide Their Friends List?

The major reason why people hide their friends list is for security purposes. Facebook made provisions for some security selection. Facebook users usually hide their friends list to the general view. The reason being that they want it to be private to them alone or to some particular set of friends. Also, they do this for security purposes. Since, some people likes to keep their personal activities and friends list private, there is also a means (trick) to view private friends list on Facebook.

Tricks on How to Peek on Anyone’s Hidden Friend List

The good news about this is that there is always a way to go about viewing private friends list on Facebook. Of course, people will always be curious to unveil a secret. Same goes to Facebook users; they are curious to access the friends list of other Facebook users. The following tricks will guide you to view private friends list of your Facebook friend.

#1 Trick

  1. Go to the Friend Finder page on Facebook
  2. Then you scroll down to the Mutual Friends section
  3. Key in the name of the friend whose friends list you’re curious to see.
  4. Also, you select your friend’s account.

However, you need to have to share at least one mutual friend with the user you’re tolling. It is also important to note that this hack might not display the full friend list of your friend. What you’ll see is your mutual friend.

#2 Trick

  1. Enter the Facebook ID of your mutual friend and the user whose friend list you want to hack.
  2. The below URL will guide you on how to view the mutual friends between the two:

#3 Trick

  1. Install Google Chrome extension, that is, Facebook Friends Mapper.
  2. Then you log in to your Facebook account via the Chrome browser.
  3. Access the user’s profile you are eager to view and click on friends.
  4. You will automatically see a link called “Reveal Friends” on display in a blue ink, click on it.
  5. You will have to wait until the process is completed, so that the hidden friend list pops up.

There is always a way to view the friend’s list of a Facebook friend, even though it has been put on restriction. Carefully follow the above listed steps and you’ll see how easy it is to view private friends list on Facebook.

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