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Walmart Hours – Find Walmart Store Location and Hours

Walmart Hours is the appropriate time Walmart renders its services. Many people have been wanting to know the various hours for Walmart services and stores.

Knowing the time for each services in Walmart is very necessary to enable you plan ahead. So stay calm, you will learn how to find Walmart Hours in this article.

Walmart Hours  - Find Walmart Store Location and Hours

What is Walmart

An American multinational retail corporation that operates big discount stores and grocery stores. The company was developed by Sam Walton in 1962 and it was incorporated in 1969.

However, the company believes in rendering quality services to their customers and also respect people’s opinion.

The establishment has grown to be one of the largest retailer worldwide. They have over 2.2 million employees all over the world.

It strives to create opportunities and also give value to their customers and communities around the globe.  In Walmart store you can find different products such as electronics, home appliances, Clothing and more.

So if you want to buy furniture, kitchen items, clothing, you can get them Walmart store. Thus, you can also pay your bills, send funds from Walmart to Walmart.

How To Find Walmart Store Location and hours

There are two different ways you can find Walmart Hours, it could be with your Computer or mobile app. So you will learn how to find Walmart Hours on your browser and also within your phone app.

Find Walmart Hour with your Browser

  • Go to
  • On the left corner of the page, enter ZIP code to view stores that are close by and their service hours
  • Click on the three bar icon to filter by distance and store services.
  • Select the store to view service hours and other information you want to know

Find with your mobile app

  • Open the app on your phone and tap on “services” button
  • Click on “store finder” tab
  • The app will use your default location to search for stores. But if you want to change the location, click on “change” and then type in the zip code you want.
  • Choose between “map” or “list” to view stores nearby
  • Tap on filter to display stores via services
  • Click on the stores to see their working hours.

Secaucus Service hours

  • Main store hours- open 24/7
  • Pharmacy – closed until 9.00 am
  • Pickup store – opens till 8pm
  • Bakery – runs until 8pm
  • Photo center –  closed until 9.00 in the morning.

Valley stream service hours

  • Main store –  open from 7am to 12 am. Monday to Sunday
  • Pharmacy – open until 9pm
  • Pickup – opens from 7am – 8pm

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