What is Online Shopping Mall Other Things you Should Know

Online shopping mall is simply the collections of multiple Internet stores on a single website. Thus, that allow multiple vendor checkout system.

Retailers sell in a portal and then let their customers check out with a single Credit Card transaction. However, the sites do not facilitate the payments rather it gets its own share when product is bought in the partnering shops through the links on their website.

What is Online Shopping Mall Other Things you Should Know

However, the online shopping mall offers different kinds of items like Cloths, pet products, electronics, foods, etc. There are some other shopping malls that offer outstanding discounts or Promo codes that can be used for checkouts.

What is Online Shopping?

Online shopping is an act of purchasing products and services from sellers over the internet. A large number of people now shop online, because you can get basically almost all the things you need at Internet stores.

Simply go over the Internet and find what you want, and then order for it. shopping online is worth doing, because can relax in your home and your items will be delivered to you.

People in Online Shopping Mall

Mall owners – is the person that forms the setup  and also provides basic materials for shop owners  

Store Owner – is the person that wants to create a shopping store online. Thus the store vendors can register on the main website to create an online shop space.

The customers – customers are also referred to as the consumer. They are the people who go to the mall and make purchases. Thus, the customers can visit each stores right from the main website page.


  • It is very easy to maintain as far as the multi-site is created. And there’s nothing like managing a large inventory, which is a very big relief for mall owners.
  • Store Owners don’t need to run around to develop a website.  The only thing require of them is to register.
  • Customer can sit in their cushion and make purchases without stress.

What makes online shopping mall different from the Marketplace

Here are the differences between the online shopping mall and Marketplace.

A Website

Online shopping connects multiple shops that can be accessed on one website. While Marketplace does not connect multiple stores, it’s just a single e-commerce site.

The Difference in Branding and Classification

In the mall, each store has its own Web page that suits the brand’s custom requirements. While in Marketplace the store owners don’t have their own personal pages, which means they can display their items the way they want.


In an online shopping mall the owner of the mall charges store vendors on a yearly or monthly basis, due to store hosting.

Marketplace transactions are processed through the owner of the site. Its payments starts from a point and then distribute to the vendors.

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